Discovery Events

Support Team Discovery Events aim to:

  • Gather a group of people who want to learn how a Support Team works;
  • Invite persons to participate without pressure;
  • Plan for the next steps in starting a Support Team.

A Support Team assembled by St. Albans Episcopal Church in Birmingham, Alabama.

If you want to start a Support Team in the Birmingham region for someone you know, or for someone who doesn’t have enough support who lives in your community . . .

  • Gather six or more persons who share a concern for the person you know and who are likely willing to learn about Support Teams;
  • Contact a representative of the Support Team Network and schedule a date, time, and place to meet.

If you are not in the Birmingham region, please contact us anyway.  Our representatives are flexible and adaptable and can travel farther than the immediate environs of Birmingham.  We have, in fact, conducted Discovery Events in 37 states over the years, so we’ll go almost anywhere!

Discovery Event Resources

Please feel free to download the resources listed below.  Just click the links below and they’ll download to your computer.

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