Partner Churches

PC STN logoAt the Support Team Network, we prize partnerships.  Our passion for weaving healthy community overlaps the passions of other organizations, especially faith congregations.  By clicking on the link here, you can view the congregations where we’ve trained coaches and where you may be able to learn about support teams, or even find a team to support someone you know who needs care. Here’s the link to the map of those Partner Churches, complete with directions and contact numbers:“>.

We’re still building partnerships, too, with various organizations other than faith congregations.   As time goes on, we’ll have more than just AIM, mentioned below, so keep checking back!

  • AIM-logoAIM – Arts in Medicine.  From the AIM website: “About half of American hospitals have some form of arts programming. Most take the form of art or music therapy, where trained professionals work with patients to achieve specific therapeutic goals. (UAB Hospital has had a music therapy program for about 15 years.) But a growing number of medical centers—UAB Hospital is the first in Alabama—also are implementing the more comprehensive AIM model.UAB’s six artists-in-residence—actors, a playwright, a sculptor, a painter, a textile artist, and a dancer—“provide creative experiences and positive distractions,” explains Kimberly Kirklin, AIM’s director of programming. “These might include a patient making a piece of art or participating in an arts activity, or simply enjoying a performance.” Such moments of inspiration and engagement can benefit patients both physically and mentally—and work wonders for their spirit.”

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