Detailed Starter Guide

You can launch a support team in a number of ways, as described below:

  1. Watch all of the orientation videos on this page.
  2. Lead or attend your own support team orientation, using our written materials (see the handout for team members below).
  3. Refer to these resources:

For Video Instruction, Start Here

Each video is approximately 7-10 minutes long. Once you begin a video, click in the lower right corner of that video to watch it in full screen. If you have any problems with the videos, or you want to share a suggestion, comment, or compliment, scroll to the bottom of the page and use the reply section.

Support Team Orientation Video #1

Getting Started by Identifying Initial Needs (9 minutes).

Support Team Orientation Video #2

Offering Emotional Support (7 minutes).

Support Team Orientation Video #3

Offering Spiritual Support to Someone Whose Faith Is Different Than Your Own (9 minutes).

Support Team Orientation Video #4

Setting Boundaries for You and Other Team Members (7 minutes).