Our Best Practices in Spanish (Mejores procedimientos para un grupo de apoyo en Español)

A couple of weeks ago, Corey Agricola and Jeff Woods, two of our chaplains, traveled to Gadsden, Alabama and with the able assistance of Elder Juan Tinillo, established a Support Team at Ebenezer Seventh Day Adventist Church.  Corey and Jeff needed Elder Tinillo because the entire team speaks Spanish and Juan did a great job translating.  That’s when those of us in Support Team administration had a “duh!” moment.  We have many, many Spanish speaking people who come to our hospital here and somehow, we still hadn’t had any of our material translated into Spanish.

Well, we’re beginning to change that.  Today, at, you can see the beginnings of that translation.  We started with our “10 Best Practices,” (Mejores procedimientos para un grupo de apoyo).  Click here to see that page.

So, if you come across anyone who might be able to use some guidance in how to help nurture a community of folks who look after the practical, emotional, and spiritual needs of someone in need, and speaks Spanish, these “mejores procedimientos” might help!

We’ll be sure to advise everyone as we add Spanish material to our resources – and who knows?  Maybe some other languages, too!  Anybody got any suggestions?

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