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It’s time to “come into the peace of wild things.”

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When I Went to Oberndorf

I probably shouldn’t admit this, but “Silent Night” never really did anything for me.

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Don’t Miss the Parade!

Let Christmas come to YOU!

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Autumn Light and a Timeless Soul

The landscape through which I drove had plunged me into my senior year at Appalachian State University. 

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International Competence and Compassion

It didn’t matter to me at all what accent carried the phrase to my ears, “Well, it looks like we got it all!” 

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The Miracle of Swallowing

I never thought I’d envy someone the act of thoughtless swallowing, but then, I never thought I’d have a robot plunge down my throat with a 3-D camera . .

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Not a Weight-Loss Method

Yup.  That’s me about 43 years and 15 pounds ago.  At the time, I lived in Salzburg, Austria and on this particular day, some friends and I had gone for a walk and a picnic in the gardens surrounding the magnificent palace of Hellbrunn. Well, I’m back to that Salzburg weight, but not because of […]

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A Way to Weather an Eruption

Some years ago I had some time to take my camera and wander around the community of Denpasar on the island of Bali. As I walked along the shore, I spied the four girls in the photograph I’ve shared as they sat in the sea breeze, chatting and laughing, and evidently enjoying each other’s company […]

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Bringing Water to the “Desert”

Would you like to bring “water” into this current, socially distanced desert we live in? Well, let me tell you about this picture. Some years ago I traveled to China with a medical team from Virginia. We had been invited by the Amity Foundation, the social development arm of the China Christian Council, to tour […]

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Come Have Lunch with Us!! Seriously – You’re Invited!

Here at the UAB Support Team Network, we’ve begun a new lunch series. It’s called “Community is Medicine.” Isn’t that cool?! Now, you’re not only being invited to read these columns but you can come and get something tasty to eat, hobnob with others who feel called to make a difference in their community, and […]