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When I Went to Oberndorf

I probably shouldn’t admit this, but “Silent Night” never really did anything for me.

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International Competence and Compassion

It didn’t matter to me at all what accent carried the phrase to my ears, “Well, it looks like we got it all!” 

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Not a Weight-Loss Method

Yup.  That’s me about 43 years and 15 pounds ago.  At the time, I lived in Salzburg, Austria and on this particular day, some friends and I had gone for a walk and a picnic in the gardens surrounding the magnificent palace of Hellbrunn. Well, I’m back to that Salzburg weight, but not because of […]

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Gratitude for a Long Term Friend

Way back in the summer of 1992, I went to serve as the senior pastor of the First Baptist Church of Winchester, Virginia.  That’s when I met the family of Butch and Eva Gates.  The first day in my office, Eva called me and asked me to officiate at a marriage vow renewal service that […]

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How to Be an Adult: The “Five A’s” of Healthy Community (with apologies to David Richo)

While waiting in Atlanta for his flight to San Francisco, a colleague of mine, Vic Dippenaar, sat down in the waiting lounge to nurture patience in the pages of a book. He raised in front of his eyes David Richo’s book, How to Be an Adult, and began reviewing the chapters. Vic, the director of […]

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In Memoriam: Johnny Barnes – A Bermudian Insurgent

I learned this morning from a reader that Johnny Barnes passed away this year, at the age of 93 (see the first reply beneath the post).  I was so inspired when I first heard about Mr. Barnes, that I thought I’d repost this particular blog entry from over a year ago.  Here it is. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ […]

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What Support Teams Are NOT

When I start to talk about Support Teams, I’ve learned that everyone already has an idea of what I’m talking about – and in many cases, it isn’t what I’m talking about. People like it when I say that I’m working with Support Teams, but I’ve found that I need not assume they understand what […]

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Support Teams and Bears in the Woods

In doing support teams over the year and a half since I’ve been at UAB, I’ve met some fantastic people. But I wouldn’t have met them if I hadn’t gotten off my usual beaten path. It sort of reminds me of a discovery I made right after I ran into a bear once in the […]

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Everything is Incredible!

In the village of Siguatepeque, Honduras, lives a man named Augustin. Before the government gave free vaccinations to the children of the country, polio struck Augustin. For most of his 70 plus years, Augustin has lived in a wheelchair. He managed to learn a trade, however, and became a shoemaker. Augustin might have gone unnoticed […]

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Loneliness Can Kill You! No, Really . . . It Can Kill You!

Remember the movie “Crocodile Dundee?” A recent medical journal article with a very dry title made me think of a scene in that movie. Here’s the scene: Crocodile Dundee, himself has gone to a party with his New York girlfriend. Across the crowded room, she points out that her mother has arrived among the revelers […]