Love is in the Details

Love celebrates the details of the beloved and weaves of the world a rich tapestry.

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Mortals Telling Stories on the Threshold of Mystery (with apologies to Ray Barfield)

You never meet an individual. Oh, sure, you can run into someone standing by herself in the line at the coffee kiosk, exchange greetings, and have a two-way conversation analyzing the coffee, but the fact is: she’s responding with a style, using vocabulary that she learned, and referring to cues she picked up from a […]

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Support Teams and Bears in the Woods

In doing support teams over the year and a half since I’ve been at UAB, I’ve met some fantastic people. But I wouldn’t have met them if I hadn’t gotten off my usual beaten path. It sort of reminds me of a discovery I made right after I ran into a bear once in the […]